A Message from Samara Kupferberg

Dear dedicated Tuli fans and those who are just now discovering my amazing father. I am so excited to be on this journey, delving into the life of one of the most brilliant, insightful, loving, and downright hilarious humans I’ve had the pleasure of knowing in this lifetime. I am lucky enough to have been raised on his wit and wisdom, and carry his spirit with me every day.

When David Liver contacted me to tell me his idea of making a Tuli documentary I was overjoyed, as I have been on a mission myself, since he died in 2010, to spread his message of joyful revolution far and wide. I could tell from the start that David had the drive and vision to make this project a reality, and to craft something unique that would rise above and beyond a traditional documentary and showcase the many facets of what made my father such a groundbreaking counter-cultural hero.

My dad loved to share the 60s quote  “don’t trust anyone over 40… unless it’s Tuli”. He was a cherished mentor and father figure to many generations of free thinkers and rebels, and we believe he’s still got so much to share with present and future generations.

There is a certain art to being aware of the injustice and sorrow in the world and continuing to fight against it, growing your knowledge and power, while also allowing yourself the grace to enjoy the life you’re living and create joyful harmony with fellow beings. 

Heading into an uncertain future we need Tuli’s guidance and wisdom now more than ever, let us all find the strength he held dear, to stay true to our own ideals and not give up on finding a better way to live.

We have the innate wisdom within ourselves, and together, to envision and create a new world, and that is what we must do.


This Is Tuli’s Story And We Can’t Wait To Bring It To The Screen For All Of You!