A note from director david liver

Tuli Tuli Tuli is a film on dissent. In times when truth and sense of priority seem to be slipping away and reality itself seems to be merely fiction, some forgotten cultural influences are perhaps more vital than ever. We need to tap into their resonance.

In the past years I have found myself revisiting Tuli Kupferberg’s fresh assaults on reality over and over again.

Diving in his prolific work, I rediscovered his lively bits, and was reminded of  the disruptive force of joy.

Tuli Kupferberg might be one of those figures that only gets more elusive over time, but his voice still catches us unprepared and slaps us with the same violent truth and joyful exuberance as ever.

Today, Tuli’s voice is still so needed, so radical, so visionary, because it enables everyone to bridge the critical gap between reality and their own inner child. This is so energizing.

This film raises one fundamental question:

How do we find a way to address the ever present problems of our time while maintaining the energy to keep up with life and revolt?

This aims to be an encouraging film that bears witness to a writer bearing witness. Besides making you want to dive into Tuli’s work as soon as possible, Tuli Tuli Tuli wants to offer a clearer sense of means, ends, purposes and fulfillment all the while being joyfully revolted.



writer & Co-Director


Co-director & Co-producer

Director cinematographer Thomas Burstyn CSC, NZCS is a multi award winning, Emmy nominated cinematographer. He trained at the National Film Board of Canada as a documentary maker before enjoying great success in the feature film industry.

Tom directed the documentary THIS WAY OF LIFE, winner at Berlin 2010 and shortlisted for the 2011 Oscar. Burstyn also directed the multi award winning ONE MAN, ONE COW, ONE PLANET and SOME KIND OF LOVE.

DOP on acclaimed shows SNOWPIERCER, COWBOY BEBOP, and INVASION. ASC nominated in 2022 for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography in a Regular Series for Commercial Television (Snowpiercer)


Executive producer



François directed the documentaries ARCHITECTONES and VEILHAN VENEZIA. He is also directing THE DANCER AND THE CONTAINER. Made over 10 years, this is an extensive portrait of the Franco-Japanese contemporary dancer Satchie Noro.